What is happening in the text around this setting?

Word choices and/or language devices that shelly uses in this setting.

How does the setting develop, what tone.


Geneva- Home

“The majestic and wondrous scenes which surrounded our Swiss home—the sublime shapes of the mountains, the changes of the sea- sons, tempest and calm, the silence of winter, and the life and turbulence of our Alpine summers—she found ample scope for admiration and delight.”

When Frankenstein explains about his home he is talking about Elizabeth, he says that in-between all of whats happing she makes him feel calm and happy. As he talks about his surroundings he is using the tone used in gothic fiction, he says that it can be violent and calm, using two different descriptives for one thing. He says there is coldness and darkness out in the mountains which makes the reader quite unsettled, makes us feel cold and maybe scared, keeping us intrigued and wondering what is out there.


Inglostlad- University

“At length the high white steeple of the town met my eyes. I alighted and was conducted to my solitary apart- ment to spend the evening as I pleased.”

Shelly talks about a high white steeple which indicates that there is a church in the town, it make make the reader feel small compared to there surroundings. But in this Frankenstein says that he can spend his evening how he pleased which suggests that he feels calmed down by the church, but this makes the reader wonder what part the church may play in the text to come. This point makes the tone in the text very calm and makes us think about what will happen next because everything has come to an end and we no that in gothic fiction something bad may happen.


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  1. Hi Molly,

    There are some good sections of analysis in this post. I would like to see you find another quotation about Inglostlad in order to help you develop your understanding of that setting.

    When you are explaining the quotation you have selected, ensure you fully explain the idea that the language devices and word choices that Shelley uses develops. It is more than just a feeling for the reading. We can get an understanding of what the text means for characters by looking closely at these things.

    Please complete this task.

    Mrs. P


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