Sweeney Todd – Notes

35mins shaving comp:
Todd has a great technique of shaving, the non diagetic sound of shaving his face very fast. The man in purple (illusion) goes slow, stops and thinks he in control. Duel personally, says till we meet again. Being nice to the judges assistant to foreshadow him coming into the parlour.

Joanna perspective of the world is limited, her windows are blurry. She is being watched, when the tone comes over the nice music she looks over her shoulder.

Sweeney in the broken mirror indicating he’s broken. Getting angry that the judge is not coming to see him, he is not listening to the mrs lovetts singing about flowers indicating that they could be happy, he looks at his knife and and then the window. She it trying to ask for his opinion and he keeps looking at his SILVER knife.

When David comes to have a shave he acts all professional but then changes his way he talks and the dark music comes on he calls him by his real name and says he wants money as he used to work for him, the music gets faster and he plays with a knife. The kettle starts to whistle like the rage that burning inside him, when he’s betting David we see mr Todd form below close up as it shows power and his emotions he looks insane, he’s trying to get revenge but he’s thinking of the huge and keeps hitting him even though he could be dead. Ms Lovett takes the little boy away, her presence and the way she talks doesn’t sound very settling. Close up of davids hand and long low music shows us that he’s about to move we feel anticipation and tension that the boy will see the hand and foreshadows that he will find out. Todd feels frustration that the boy will not go down stairs.

Dark setting of the court were judge is, caged windows arches, crows, long seems holding up building. when the judge talking about the persons sentence and we suspect to see a older man that has done lots of bad but then we see a little boy. We build more hate for judge and his assist.

Whenever mrs Lovett and him are in the same room he continues to ignore her and look at his knife.

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