Wide Reading – Ruined

Paula Morris story about a girl who goes to live in New Orleans with her Aunty and Cousin as her Dads away on business, she’s has to go to new school has no friends so goes to cemetery at night to spy on the cool kids from the year above, she runs into a mysterious girl she then learns more about this girl that lives in the cemetery finding out that she is a ghost. she finds out that her ghost friend Lisette cannot go to heaven until the curse is lifted from the Bowmans family. Rebecca finds out that she is a bowman girl and she could be the last of the bowman daughters to die and take the curse with her, with help from her friends Lisette and Anton she makes it out alive but its lists time to go. there is a bond between the girls as they are both lonely and motherless

murded over 150 years ago by a member of one of the most promenit families in new or lands, Lisette is destined to roam the grounds of the spooky Lafayette Cemetery until the curse has lifted and she is set free.

There is tendency to keep looking over ones shoulder throughout this suspenseful read, making the reader feel cool and sense everything around them, feeling as if they are in Rebeccas shoes.

A gripping supernatural gothic read.

dark always cloudy, cemetery as main setting spooky big old houses page turning

Rebecca, ghost, Anton protagonist

teen prtaginast Rebecca brown

bowman family antagonist


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